2DVD Achilles’ Heels of Evolution

Zveřejněno: 19. January 2020

Dear friends and supporters of research on a topic of human origin, we would like to announce that a long-awaited educational project Achilles’ heels of Evolution (APE) is finally available to the Czech and Slovak market. 

Is the theory of evolution the real answer to our origin and a history of human race? Is it the most accurate and reliably documented reflection at our genesis? 

What is the origin of universe, the Earth, nature and humankind? Are we a majestic piece of work of a wise Creator or just a coincidental result of natural and physical laws, Big Bang, and a tremendous amount of time?

The APE project was created in 2014 by international educational Christian organisation Creation Ministries International (CMI). More than 20 college professors and scientists from prestigious scientific institutions have collaborated and brought in knowledge from their area of expertise. 

The project consists of two parts. In the first phase, a DVD film with study booklet is distributed. As a next step, a scientific publication with more than 300 pages is published.

Nowadays, a DVD film with the study pamphlet is coming out in Czech and Slovak language. The scientific publication of the same name will be available at the start of the next year. 

Only a few topics are surrounded with so many unanswered questions and misunderstandings as is the question of the evolution theory and millions of years. Majority of people are still convinced that the evolution theory is still an irrevocable truth. A truth that remains undefeatable just as mythological warrior Achilles did in his gold armour.

Let’s have a look at some of those indisputable scientific facts that typically lead to very different conclusions than people have.

The film, the booklet and the book are divided into eight chapters. 

In all of them, you can find intellectual and spiritual match between evolutionary and creational point of view at man’s origin, value and life goals. 

Each chapter contains little known information about evolution and a million years range from world-renowned scientists. The consequences of these facts for our lives and relationships are severe.

The vast majority of people believes that in these exact eight areas of argumentative battle, the theory of evolution has won. And as a matter of fact, it also righteously took over the leading position in educational and academical spheres.

Reality couldn’t be more different. All of these are the areas, in which the theory of evolution couldn’t stand the test of scientific facts. 

What seemed to be unbeatable arguments are now the biggest weaknesses of the whole evolution paradigm. Here’s their list:

  1. Natural selection
  2. Modern genetics and DNA
  3. Origin of life
  4. Fossil record
  5. Genetic record
  6. Radioisotope dating
  7. Cosmology
  8. Ethical consequences

+ bonus material in the form of personal testimonies of some scientists participating in this project.


A list of professors who collaborated on making/production of Achilles‘ Heels of Evolution:

Dr. Don Batten 

prof. Stuart Burgess 

Dr. Rob Carter 

Dr. David Catchpoole 

prof. John Hartnett 

Dr. Mark Harwood 

prof. Matti Leisola 

Dr. Jim Mason 

doc. Marcus Ross 

doc. John Sanford 

Dr. Jonathan Sarfati 

Dr. Emil Silvestru 

prof. Horace Skipper

Dr. Tas Walker 

Dr. Pieter Borger

Achilles’ Heels of Evolution are for whoever looking for a brilliant present, teaching aid or for those, who want to open up a discussion with their family, friends or co-workers.

A series of 2 DVD’s is coming out in Czech and Slovak language including English original. Accompanying study booklet is available only in Czech language. Download it for FREE HERE.



Czech and Slovak version of 2DVD APE is available to buy at our e-shop.

On behalf of translating and production team,

Mgr. Libor Votoček


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